Stable and reliable Ultimate experience

We provide the most stable quotations and trading channels, and also a user-friendly interface, allowing you to monitor the quotes and real-time trading

Top Data Center

In order to provide customers with the ultimate trading experience, we choose the world's top data centers, to maximize the protection of data transmission with high reliability and low latency, and provide real-time data backup, to ensure the loss of no data

Visual interface

User-friendly visual interface to facilitate customers intuitive understanding of the current quotations and order status. What you see is what you get, even start-up traders can quickly get started, be master of the originally complex risk management logic.

Real time monitoring

In addition to the real-time connection status you can see in the interface, we also provide 24-hour system monitoring + manual monitoring for an enhanced protection.

Access anytime, anywhere

Unlike Traditional Bridges, Dealer Work is a cloud-based risk management system that you can access from anywhere, anytime through your browser to manage your risks in a timely manner

TurnKey solution without software developement

No need to install plug-ins on the server, regardless of the main label, the white label can be quickly accessed. Seemingly complex risk management bridge system,

White label access

Only needs Manager account to access, without installing any plug-ins, not subjected to restrictions set by the White label provider, completely independent

Detailed program →

Main label access

Choose whether to use the plug-in, and support white label management and permission settings

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Flexible switching Manage the risk

Minimize your risk by providing real-time insight into risk exposure and flexible control of a wide range of risk management strategies

Risk management strategy

In addition to providing a strict system of automatic risk management mechanism, while supporting manual risk management. Real-time monitoring of upstream and downstream risk exposure, the perfect combination of automatic hedging and manual hedging, ready to hedge the risk directly to the international market

Instant switching

Dealer Work's unique Instant Switching feature maximizes your profit and minimizes your risk by eliminating the need to log in to multiple systems, switching A / B Book for one or more orders

Order matching

Detailed MT4 and LP transactions log and order transactions check, so that each order can be traced. Never worry again about missed and lost orders.

Statistical Analysis

Dealer Work is more than just a bridge, it also provides a great amount of accounts and order statistics to help you understand your customers, as well as to maximize your profits

Innovative Copy Trading, Value Added Benefit

The innovative copy book module empowers you to gain more own account trading earnings while gaining extra commission.

Order strategy

The innovative C Book - copy trading module supports to set specific diversified copying strategies according to different channels, different direction. It helps hedging the risk, meanwhile take full advantage of the data analytics and increase own trading earnings.

Orders' statistics

Dealer Work will record all execution details of the copy trading. With the combination of detailed reporting and analytics, it provides a full view for the profitability, helps you to make strategic decisions and gain stable added revenue.

one-stop risk management and bridge system tailored to forex brokers

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